Chocolate Hills forever

Bohol is considered as the Philippines in a nutshell – there you can find everything to taste the country. Bohol is the 10th largest island in the Philippines where you can admire the beautiful and incredible nature, enjoy diving and sunbathing, visit interesting and full of history places.

We were lucky to book the flight from El Nido to Cebu with the Air Swift airlines – this is the only company that operates the El Nido airport. The tickets were quite expensive (PHP 13,208.00 for two people) plus the luggage fee but it was worth spending that money because we didn’t have to catch the flight from Puerto Princessa located 230 km from El Nido.

From Cebu we had to take the ferry to Bohol and after 2 hours we were in Tagbilaran. We booked the hotel in Panglao – the small island connected with Bohol. At the ferry station we met a very nice and helpful guy Rey who took us to our hotel at Momo Beach.

Momo Beach, Panglao

Momo Beach, Panglao

As our hotel was terrible and we were able to spend there only one night, we asked Rey to take us far away from that place. We went together to look for some hotels near Alona Beach and our new friend found a nice room for us that was much better than the previous one. At Alona Beach there are a lot of shops, restaurants and other facilities that we couldn’t find at Momo Beach.

Alona Beach, Panglao

Alona Beach, Panglao

Wide Alona Beach

On the third day in Panglao we went with Rey to explore Bohol. Rey was born in the island so he knows everything about the most popular places and can tell interesting stories about the life in Bohol.

Firstly we stopped to admire Chocolate Hills.

Chocolate Hills, Bohol

Rey in the middle :)

Chocolate Hills are so popular that everyone can get there :)

After watching the amazing view of and from the Chocolate Hills, we went to Philippine Tarsier Sanctuary. Those little monkeys are the symbol of the island.

Tarsier, Bohol
Tarsier, Bohol

Our third stop was the Loboc River cruise but we also stopped on the way to take the picture of the man-made forest.

Mahogany Forest, Bohol

Loboc River cruise is the best way to admire the nature and eat the lunch while listening to the orchestra :)
The cruise takes 1 hour and costs PHP 450 per person.

Our boat at Loboc River, Bohol

Lunch buffet, Loboc River

Look at that food ;)

Loboc River

During the cruise we had one stop to watch the dance of nthe Philippino children

On our way back to Panglao, Rey showed us the monument of Blood Compact – made in honour of the first international treaty of friendship between Spaniards and Filipinos.

The Sandugo blood compact, Bohol

When we reached the hotel in Panglao, we went for dinner in one of the restaurants where you can choose the fresh sea food and have it grilled.

It was our last evening in Panglao, Bohol. The next day we were travelling to another island.

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