Last stop in Crete – Gramvousa and Balos Island

On our last full day in Crete we decided to buy the boat trip to Gramvousa and Balos island & lagoon. Boats departures every day in the morning from the port in Kissamos and the whole trip takes more or less 8 hours.

Going to Kissamos, Crete

We chose to go by ferry with the capacity of 1200 people that cost 27 per person. It was crowded but still we could find the comfortable place to seat and admire views.

Ready to go to Gramvousa and Balos ;)
On the way to Gramvousa
Deep blue water, Gramvousa Crete

The first stop was Gramvousa Island (sometimes called the Pirate Island) with the castle of the top of the hill. The castle was built by the Venetians to protect Crete from a Turkish occupation.  During the period of turmoil, the residents of the island started looting boats passing through, which gained the island its pirate reputation.

To reach the ruins of the castle you have to climb a hill and it takes around 15 minutes but the track is quite gentle so everyone can do it. For sure it’s worth sweating to get there, because of the amazing view from the top :)

The view from the hill, Gramvousa Crete
The view from the hill, Gramvousa Crete
The view from the hill, Gramvousa Crete
The view from the hill, Gramvousa Crete

After 2 hours spent in Gramvousa, the ferry signalized the passengers to go on board and visit the second place – Balos lagoon.

When we reached Balos after 15 minutes,  I was amazed by the color of the water and the pink sand (the picture shown in the post about Elafonissi There we could spend 3 hours until the ferry returns to Kissamos.

Balos lagoon, Crete
Balos lagoon, Crete

When we reached the port and then our hotel, we were sunburnt and hungry so we went immediately for the dinner and then started preparing to leave Greece.

As I wrote in my first post about Crete (, at the beginning I was quite dissapointed by the island but when I started exploring, I didn’t want to return home.

Crete is amazing with all the beautiful places, delicious meals and wine, friendly people and hypnotizing sea color.

It was a pleasure for me to be there!

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