Mexico trip overview

Our Mexico trip was for sure very successful, sometimes overwhelmed with attractions but still amazing. We spent 10 wonderful nights in that beautiful country and I promise I will come there again.

To sum up, we stayed in 4 towns: Puerto Morelos, Tulum, Valladolid, Playa del Carmen and visited also Chichen Itza and Cozumel. Good result in 10 days :) I honestly think that we saw as much as we could during that time.

Someone can say that this is not enough time for visiting Mexico. Yeah… I can agree because I would definitely like to spend there at least 3 weeks but still it is more than nothing.

In my opinion the best place to stay is Tulum. The most beuatiful beach I have ever seen, great restaurants with Mariachi and very nice and helpful people. These words can easily describe that place.

Tulum, Mexico
Let’s snorkel in Tulum!
Lazy days, Tulum

If you are a party animal and prefer more touristic and full of fun places, Playa del Carmen is a good choice. I don’t like being accosted at every step by people selling souvenirs, massage or tattoos and this unfortunately happens in Playa del Carmen. What is more, once the waiter in the restaurant wanted to cheat – he added a ‚special’ tax to our bill but when we realized that and ask him for the explanation, he timidly said it was a mistake. Oh really?

Nevertheless, I can highly recommend the restaurant El Oasis where I could try the lobster for the first time. We met a very friendly waiter Jorge who explained us how to eat the lobster and was able to recommend other delicious meals.

The gate in Playa del Carmen
Jorge – the great waiter from the great restaurant El Oasis Mariscos (He is not the one who wanted to cheat! It wasn’t even in that restaurant).

It is more than possible to meet a lot of interesting people while travelling around Mexico. I am not talking only about tourists but especially about local citizens. Besides they are very kind and helpful, they are also curious about other countries and cultures.

The couple from the USA we met in Cozumel

Mexico is very colorful, warm, tasty and being there I couldn’t stop smiling. I was really enjoying every minute in that amazing country and for sure I will go there again.

Mexican Beetle in Cozumel
Enjoying the Sun, Playa del Carmen
Last margarita in Mexico, Playa del Carmen

And there are a lot of avocados in Mexico ;)

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