My first self-organized trip

Having previously some experience in travelling with the travel agencies and buying all-inclusive packages that haven’t fit to my needs perfectly, in 2016 my partner and I decided to do our own planning of the next trips. Before that time we had the chance to visit Greece, Spain, Egypt, Turkey and Tunisia.

As winter in Poland is usually cold and grey, we wanted to spend that time in an exotic place and were looking for the perfect destination to go in February/March. The range of the long-distance flights from Warsaw (the capital of Poland) is usually satisfying so we didn’t have problems with the offers.

After the time spent on the Internet searching for the hotels, prices, the most interesting activities, finally we decided to visit Mexico with the charter flight from TUI travel agency. We could spend 10 days in Riviera Maya and do whatever we wanted to as we planned to buy only the flight tickets not the whole holiday package.

We bought the return tickets for around 600$ per person but had to wait for that price two weeks before the departure so didn’t have enough time for booking hotels and organizing the whole trip. It was a great experience for us to plan every point just in 2 weeks but we did it and spent 10 amazing days in one of the most beautiful countries in the world!

Puerto Morelos

The flight was to Cancun but we decided not to stay there and move directly to Puerto Morelos, then to Tulum, ending our trip in Playa del Carmen.

Wait for the detailed description in another post :) Hola!

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