Playa del Carmen and one day in Cozumel

Playa del Carmen – our last stop in amazing Mexico. We chose to stay in Hotel Lunata – 5th Avenue next to the crowded and full of shops boardwalk. We paid 425 $ for 4 nights with breakasasts. Finally, after a long break, I could eat scrambled eggs ;)

Playa del Carmen is a very popular place among tourists coming to Mexico, especially from the USA. It was seen in shops and restaurants where prices were given in American dollars.

Playa del Carmen

Everyday we had great sunbathing on the beach belonging to the restaurant Senor Frog’s as our hotel cooperated with that place.

Beside the huge range of various restaurants and shops, Playa del Carmen was not so exciting as Tulum or Puerto Morelos. I couldn’t feel good in that place because of the crowded avenues, restaurants and shops.

That is why, we decided to visit Cozumel for one day – located 20 km from the coast. Before going there by ferry, we rented the car and had to pick it up in the island. After tough bargaining we paid 20 $ for Jeep :)

Our jeep in Cozumel

In the car rental point we got a simple map and started exploring the island. We liked the most some hidden, abandoned beaches where we could relax and admire nature.

Driving a car, Cozumel

We also stopped in the bar called Freedom in Paradise to drink and eat something. What a great place! A lot of hammocks, tables inside and outside the bar and Bob Marley’s music coming from the speakers.

Freedom in Paradise, Cozumel
Freedom in Paradise, Cozumel

The island is small enough that can be driven round in one day. During our stops we had the chance to meet nice people from the USA and also from Russia. It was a great chance for us to speak about our travel experinece in Mexico and also learn some new things from others.

Mexican flag, Cozumel

When we returned to Playa del Carmen we went to the restaurant to eat our last dinner in Mexico and to celebrate the whole trip.

The next day we flew to Warsaw.


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