Puerto Morelos – first stop in Mexico

February, 2016

After landing in Cancun we went directly to Puerto Morelos – a small town located around 30 km from the aiport. We couldn’t find the ADO bus stop at the airport and we were tired after the 13-hour flight, so we decided to take a private bus going in the direction of Playa del Carmen.

We stayed for 3 nights in Rancho Sakol – a complex of few bungalows run by a very nice and helpful couple. We paid almost 235$ for two people, breakfasts included. What was funny about the breakfasts that every morning there were some products on the table in the kitchen and guests were supposed to prepare meals for themselves. I liked that idea :)

Rancho Sakol
Puerto Morelos before the Sunrise

As we came in the evening having a jetlag, we went directly to our beds. We woke up on the other day before 6 a.m., before the Sunrise. After breakfast we started exploring the town and I was in love with that tranquil place, great restaurants and the beautiful beach. I was amazed by the water color as I saw it before only on the Internet ;)

The Carribean Sea, Puerto Morelos
The Carribean Sea, Puerto Morelos

Going to Mexico I had the plan to try ceviche – a dish of fresh fish cured in lime juice, real margarita and quesadillas. And guess what… Everything was awesome! I can highly reccomend the restaurant La Pepita with a very nice staff, tasty food and good prices.

La Pepita, Puerto Morelos

One more thing – if you travel to Mexico, remember about a good sun cream with high SPF. We had one with 50 SPF and we got sunburn :(

Did I find avocados in Puerto Morelos? Obviously! In guacamole, quesadillas and tacos :)

Next stop: Tulum

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