Second stop in Mexico – Tulum – my paradise

After 3 days in Puerto Morelos we moved to another location – Tulum. We took the ADO bus and after 2 hours were in Tulum – my favourite place during our trip in Mexico.

Waiting for the bus to Tulum

We had the hotel Uolis Nah booked only for 2 nights as we had to go further to explore as many places as we could during 10 days in this amazing country.

We were in love in the beach – wide with soft sand and the cyan sea.

Tulum beach

Finally, after being sunburn in Puerto Morelos, we could book the snorkeling and enjoy the underwater world.

Snorkeling in Tulum

In whole Mexico you can find a lot of stands with fresh fruits, coconuts and street food. We liked the most fresh pineapples, melons and watermelons packed in a plastic bag with the salt or chilli toppings.

Eating fruits with that awesome view behind :)

In Tulum we could also try original tostadas, tacos and quesadillas sold on the street after the Sunset. It was a great experience for us seating with the local people and enjoying the tasty food.

Street food in Tulum

We definitely regreted that we had booked only 2 nights in that amazing town but it was the time to go to Valladolid and Chichen Itza.

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