One night in Marrakech

As we like going around the new country we visit, also this time we couldn’t spend more time in Agadir, so we rented the car Dacia Logan for 25 EUR/day and went further to Marrakech. We planned to stay only one night in this incredible place, and we didn’t regret that. Why? Check the post :)

How to get Marrakech from Agadir?

It is very easy to reach Marrakech by car even if you don’t have any map as it leads with the A7 motorway most of the road and there are good road signs informing about the direction. It took us around 3,5 hours to get there from Agadir. We had our hotel in the central part of the old town and that’s why we had to leave our car on one of the parking areas. We were offered transport our baggage by wheelbarrow from the parking place to the hotel. We agreed but it was our mistake we didn’t ask about the price as it turned out in the end that we had to pay 15 EUR for 5minute ride!

Where to stay in Marrakech?

I think that the best idea is to find the accommodation in one of the magic riads in Marrakech as this is usually the place you cannot find in other countries, as well as has its own soul and amazing interior. We decided to book Riad Mouna on we paid 45 EUR for 1 night, breakfast included and served on the rooftop. The receptionist Houssine was very helpful and professional. He gave us some tips how to survive our stay in Marrakech and generally in Morocco ;) And the Riad Mouna itself was a really great place. Just look at the pics!

riad mouna marrakech morocco
Riad Mouna interior

riad mouna marrakech morocco
riad mouna marrakech morocco

riad mouna marrakech morocco swimming pool
Little pool on the rooftop :)

View from the rooftop of our riad

What we visited in Marrakech?

Because we stayed in this city only one night, we didn’t have much time to visit every interesting and mentioned in the guide place but at least we spent our evening at Jemaa el-Fna square which is the most remarkable place in Marrakech. We really liked the diversity of products, food and service sold on the street. You could have a henna tattoo, ginger tea, dates, „original” clothes, fish, lamps, leather shoes, sparkling toys, and many other different goods.

jemaa el-fna sqaure night market

jemaa el-fna night market marrakech morocco

jemaa el-fna square food marrakech morocco
Vegetable soup for 3 MAD
marrakech henna tattoo morocoo
While walking around the square you need to be aware that the word NO doesn’t mean for the sellers you really don’t want to buy the product/service they sell. I didn’t want to have that tattoo and I was almost forced to have it.
jemaa el-fnaa fresh orange morocco marrakech
Glass of fresh orange juice only 4 MAD
Lamb heads :(

marrakech siouk shoes marrakech morocco

marrakech siouk lamps morocco

The next day we went to Bahia Palace – the nineteenth century palace, the masterpiece of Moroccan architecture. Yes, it was a great place to admire Moroccan patterns and design.

bahia palace marrakech morocco

bahia palace marrakech morocco

bahia palace marrakech morocco

bahia palace marrakech morocco

bahia palace marrakech morocco

bahia palace marrakech morocco

bahia palace marrakech morocco

bahia palace marrakech morocco

bahia palace marrakech morocco

Was it fine for us to stay in Marrakech only one night?

Definitely! Even though there are several great places worth visiting in Marrakech, I was very tired with the crowd of people everywhere. And also saying NO to the sellers at every step was a bit tiring. Nevertheless, I really appreciate I could visit Marrakech and for sure I have some nice memories connected with this city :)

colors marrakech morocco

On our way to another spot, we could see goats on the top of argan trees. That was incredible!

goats agran trees marrakech morocco


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